«kkaarrlls» is the title of an editions collection of now about 50 objects. The distinguishing attribute of all these pieces of furniture, lamps, carpets, and home accessories is that they share an absolutely unprejudiced view of the world of objects. This does not mean that the solutions proposed are absolutely new, but that the main features, e.g. construction, configuration, or materials, are consistently different – which results in a new understanding of the respective product and its original functions.
All of the pieces in the kkaarrlls collection originate from the coursework of young European designers at HfG Karlsruhe. The edition thus understands itself as the view of a young generation of designers, who, in a few years from now, will do key work on the central questions concerning the shaping of the future.

Professors and Lecturers at the Department of Product Design:
Werner Aisslinger (2008/2009)
Volker Albus (since 1994)
Jurgen Bey (2006/2007)
BLESS (Ines Kaag / Desirée Heiss) (since 2006)
Stefan Diez (since 2007)
Sam Hecht (2011/2012)
James Irvine (2005/2006)
Hans Maier-Aichen (since 2002)