Raoul Gross

tabletop calendar

yew wood
W 4 x Ø 13

A calendar comes to be by lining up at least 6 decagonal wood slabs cut out from heart wood. A number between 0 and 9 has been burned-into each one of the ten square surfaces. By turning the individual pieces against one another, one can for example create a horizontal line stating the current date – always two digits for the day, two for the month and two for the year. The user has the freedom to choose on which level the date will be shown, whether the numbers match up in the center as commonly known, more or less concealed at an angle or even encoded.

Even if – rather winkingly – Gregor offers associations to digital displays, this calendar seems to naturally take an underlying position towards any automatically working system; nevertheless, it is in exactly its analog arrangement that the actual quality of this "wheelwork" arises. Because the user will not only be bound to remember the respective date by way of manual reposition, the laborious "adjustment" will lead to him inculcating the date whether consciously or unconsciously.